Experiment #385

Wipple Gang: Klondike Part 3

Old Man Cooter shook his head. “What do you want from me?”

“To go see your house,” she said

“And what’s in your barn!” I added. 

“Okay,” Old Man Cooter said, “hop in.” 

Stank and I smiled and hopped in the back of the truck. Mavis sat shotgun and kept the laser gun on him at all times. 

He took us back to his house and put some soup on to boil. 

“Now let’s see that barn,” Mavis said.

“Follow me,” Old Man Cooter said. 

Stank and me were so excited, we started imagining what it’d be like to have clean sheets and to see our natural skin color.

When he opened up the barn, we all gaped at what was inside, or rather, wasn’t inside. The whole barn was empty except for Patoolla the Cow. There was no tech and nothing we could sell. 

“Where’s the tech?” Mavis shouted, whirling on the old man with the laser gun trained on him.

“What tech?” he asked holding up his hands for the first time. 

Mavis turned to Stank, “you said there was tech here we could sell.”

“Don’t look at me,” he said, “I heard that from Clem.” He pointed at me. 

“Well, I made that up,” I said.

“What? Why???” Mavis shouted. 

“Sorry, Boss Lady, after the last job went south with the moolah, I thought you could use a easy win.”

Mavis screamed. She pointed the laser gun at me and fired. Nothing but a little spark came out.

“That’s a kid’s toy,” Old Man Cooter said. “A replica of one of the Stigian models.”

“You knew?” Mavis asked him. 

“Yeah!” I shouted, “I knew!” hoping no one would notice the yellow puddle at my feet. 

Old Man Cooter shrugged. “The orange cap on the muzzle gave it away.”

Mavis crumbled to her knees.

“Well this’s a big box of turd fungus,” she said.

To Be Continued…

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