Experiment #390

Wipple Gang: 49 Part 4

“Sorry, Mavis,” I said automatically. 

“Don’t be sorry, Clem. Stand up for yourself. I like Stank cuz he’s honest, handsome as the day is long and don’t take lip from nobody, not even me.”

“Sorry, Mavis,” I said again. 

She shook her head. 

“But, Mavis, I—”

“Clem,” she said. “I’m with Peter and that’s final.”

I hung my head and sauntered toward the door. As I passed Stank, I looked up at him. He didn’t meet my eyes.

I wandered outside and collapsed into a heap on the dirt. I’d lost my best friend, my gang, and my lady in the space between a Sparry bird’s ears. 

That’s where I was when Old Man Cooter found me. “So you’re the broken part of the triangle?” He asked. 

I nodded. 

“Come on, son,” he said. “Let’s get you some ice cream. Ain’t nothing heal a broken heart like ice cream.”

We walked inside and poured chocolate syrup and hot fudge on our Sundaeas.

Mavis and Stank took off a few days later. I think they tried one of their plans. It went about as well as all their other plans. I send them money for the commissary every now and then when the crops are good.

Old Man Cooter and I got along like chickpeas in a chicken beak. He taught me everything he knew about farming, and I didn’t leave. When he died, I was the only one of his kids to show up to the funeral. It was on a remote planet, in a dreary town where arriving would likely mean staying forever, but still. 

Since taking over the farm, I’ve bathed regularly, just about every month since.

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