Experiment #305

Two-Bit Town Part 7

“Awe Flarky Flarktown.” Rille said. She ran down the shaft, hoping Gideon was still in there. A few hundred feet down the shaft she came to a set of guards standing outside a makeshift room. One with metal bars on the door’s window. She screamed and leapt at them as soon as she saw them. Her skin burned a fiery red as she landed and knocked both out with a punch each.

She yanked off the door and found a sallow man in a grubby black coat.

“Who’re you?” She yelled.

“The tech who installed the M-coder,” Gideon said, stepping out of the shadows.

“What? That was years ago!” Rille said.

“I’m sure he knows,” Gideon said.

Rille handed Gideon a weapon she’d picked off of the guards. She tried to hand one to the technician, but he waved her off.

“You turn off the field whenever he asked?” Rille asked Keel, the technician.

Keel nodded.

“Controlling the number of Moorvats in an area will always be profitable,” Gideon said.

“Are there more or is it just him?” Rille asked.

“There were two or three more,” Keel said, “But I think they were all activated. They fought a lot.”

“Ushtah Shammah Whamma Bolldoodoo!” the Undertaker called from behind the curve of the mineshaft.

“Watch out!” Rille shouted.

A rocket flew past them and exploded in the wall behind them. Sending all three of them sprawling and rocks falling from the ceiling.

Rille flew into a red rage and ran around the turn.

Gideon and Keel followed. They walked past the undertaker’s defeated henchman, ripples in the pond, results of an angry stone. Until they met Rille dispatching the last of the henchman, one of the two bank robbers. Up ahead, close to the mouth of the mine the undertaker stood silhouetted by the afternoon sun. Even from there Gideon could tell he was smiling.

“Where’s my son?” Gideon yelled.

The undertaker laughed. He pantomimed a plane taking off and said, “Ooshkoo Bonddababble.”

“He left,” Rille said, translating, “Took a spaceship.”

“Oshdabopbop Vigglevansy.”

“His fate is already sealed,” she translated.

“Obblepoddopple Cantavooey.”

Gideon yelled and ran towards the undertaker, but Rille, genetically enhanced, ran past him and reached the undertaker first.

“Don’t you say that about Buck,” she screamed.

Her first punch landed on the undertaker’s shoulder, but it was a faint. He pivoted and caught Rille by the face with one hand and slammed her into the wall. As she reeled he took her head and smashed it again into the wall this time holding her there. He pulled his plasma pistol from its holster and jammed it up under her chin, aware any shot would pierce the soft pale spot that was a Moorvat’s only weakness.

“Ushtabooboo Compapaboos.” He said sneeringly.

Gideon watched all this with horror. He ran snatched a pistol from the ground and dove toward the pair. He turned in midair and, bringing the pistol up as he came under the undertaker and fired five shots into the pale pink spot underneath his chin.

The undertaker slumped to the dirt. The shots had entered, but none had exited.

Rille breathed heavily. She looked at Gideon. “You have some explaining to do.”

To Be Continued…

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