Experiment #304

Two-Bit Town Part 6

That night Rille found Gideon’s room empty so she staked out the bank on her own.

When morning came and he still wasn’t there, she made s few calls to her less than legitimate contacts and learned he’d been taken to an old mine twenty miles outside of town. She got on Gideon’s Morse and set out for the location.

The area surrounding the town was one large rolling pile of rocks and boulders. The Morse was the only viable vehicle. The rocks were too loose and brittle for vehicles other than an uber expensive hovercraft or a similarly anti-grav solution. But real horses needed far too much grass and far too much maintenance to survive in the harsh vegetation-less environment. Mines had brought most people to this rocky spot and when the precious metals dried up leaving only the necessary, but the somewhat common molybdenum used in spaceship drives, the town continued, but the wealth didn’t.

Rille arrived at the mine an hour later

Rille stepped up to the edge of the mine holding a MR435 plasma weapon, something of a plasma equivalent of what they used to call a Gatling gun.

“Hello!” She shouted. “Any dirt wads in there?”

For a long moment, all she heard was the echo of her own voice.

“It smells like scuzz bucket out here. You going light on the deodorant? Or are you just more ‘natural’ men?”

No reply, but men shifted in their seats.

“Anyways,” she-concluded, “you’ve got a friend of mine in there that I’d rather get back.”

Laughter joined her echo.

She smiled. “That’s what I thought!” She checked the loading mechanism and prepared her ammunition. She counted down from three and walked inside

Firm of step and solid in conviction she walked straight into the mine. She held her gun ready. Further and further she walked, meeting no resistance, until she turned a corner. A man dropped from the ceiling and put a knife to her throat. “Drop the gun.”

She did so and then a man stepped out from behind a rock.

“Ushtahbooboo? Tanwar Gigglsmay?” It was the undertaker/the new Sheriff.

He signaled for his henchmen to tie her up, then picked up the weapon she’d brought. “Panndahbibble Shmay.”

“Yes,” She said, “It is beautiful. Keep it as a token of my affection.”

The undertaker laughed. He walked a few steps away and pulled the trigger to test it. KABOOM!!!!!!!!

The undertaker, and the weapon exploded.

Rille yanked her arm away from the guard holding her and quickly incapacitated him. She made to run down the shaft toward where she hoped she’d find Gideon, but she stopped for when she looked toward where the undertaker once was, she found that he still was. He’d grown a foot and his skin had turned an angry red. Despite the smoldering clothing that still clung to his form he was whole. About a dozen of his henchmen who’d been surprised by the blast were coming to and ready to help their boss take Rille down.

To Be Continued…

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