Experiment #82

There’s Time Part 1

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Article on the Kingstown Daily Manager website dated August 27th, 2026

A tragic accident has claimed the life of local Kingstown resident Matthew Dodd. According to his wife he had gone out to fish on Lake Tulika yesterday before dawn. Hikers found his boat along the shore early this morning, just as search parties were setting out. Blood and torn clothing that match the victim were found in and near the boat. Scratches on the boat’s interior as well as bite marks on the boat and some of the remaining gear are consistent with a Grizzly bear attack though none were known to be in the area. Sheriff Frisk of the Tulika County police has called it a “tragic accident” and believes Dodd must have surprised the bear when he landed the boat. He is survived by his widow, Maggy Dodd, and a three-year-old son, Peter.



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