Experiment #307

The Well Laid Plans of Dogs & Cats

A tenuous peace had reigned in the Smith household when Skittles yawned and said, “They love us more.”

“Nonsense,” Duke replied.

Skittles pointed to the immaculate cat tree and the overflowing cat feeder, then to the dirty dog bed and the empty dog dishes.

Duke growled. “We’ll see.”

The dogs, Roscoe and Duke, worked their puppy dog eyes and wagged their tails.

The cats, Skittles and Pinklionlady, ignored everyone.

The dogs didn’t want to just win; they wanted to destroy the cats. They raided the cat food. They barked endlessly at the cats. They chewed every cat toy in the house. They never let the cats rest.

The cats responded with indifference.

One day the dogs caught Pinklionlady sneaking near Mrs. Smith’s hydrangeas. They chased her and knocked the flowers crashing to the floor.

“That’s it!” Mrs. Smith yelled.

The dogs were banished forever to the backyard.

Skittles purred victoriously.

Peer Review the Experiment

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