Experiment #12

The Jellywig

Old Simon Keliwig
had a nice jellywig
Instead of a normal hairdo

But his jellyfish wig
Was not very big
And his balded head showed through

So he went to the ocean,
With the sensible notion
Of seeking a starfish or two

But the jealous wig stung,
until it got flung
Right back to the sea water blue

Then the wig drifted down
with a terrible frown
And wondered what to do

The wig wept on the floor
cuz it missed the old bore
And its elevated view

Keliwig searched and sought,
till he finally bought
The best snorkel in Timbuktu

Then he looked without end
for his jellyfish friend
But found not a single clue

It would have ended this way
if not for the day
He met old scuba diver Stew

Stew found a jellywig,
who was not very big
And was very sad and blue.

When Stew showed Keliwig,
Old Simon danced a jig
And said to his friend, “Hey, you!”

The wig turned all rosy,
But not like a posey
(It was more of a pinkish hue)

Apologies were said
He put it on his head
and admired his old hairdo

They were back where they’d been
The best of friends again
because the jellywig now knew

Simon had no concerns
He just wanted sideburns
And he thought some starfish would do

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