Experiment #359

Super Classifieds

GGY = Good Guy, GGL = Good Girl

Casual team-up

GGL seeking GGY for team-up and possible villain swap. Casual team-up preferred. Let’s get to know each other before making it recurring.

Team seeking new member

Second-tier superteam seeks experienced GGL with flying ability to round out team. Flight powers that work without gravity and/or air resistance preferred.

Sidekick wanted

GGY seeks sidekick versed in witty banter with a flair for olde-timey speech. Anachronistic gadget knowledge a plus. Steampunk aficionado highly preferred.


Poor, lost, orphan child seeking GGY to save him from burning building and nefarious plot of evil stepfather. Happy to pose for publicity shots before, during, or after rescue. GGY must have vulnerability to fire and superior gullibility.

Mentor me

GGY looking for older, wiser counterpart to provide wisdom and experience. Not looking for sidekick position, just the kind of mentor who might be tragically killed by my nemesis right before our final lesson. Hypothetically, of course. (Will not knowingly notify nemesis of mentor relationship.)

Soup up your super

Eccentric scientist seeks average GGY/GGLs as test subjects. Experimentation should lead to new powers and/or heightened current powers. (Note: most likely outcome is death and/or chronic illness.)

Lonely hero

GGY seeking GGL for totally platonic relationship. Friends first. If something comes after that, so be it, but this GGY is absolutely not looking for a relationship right now (other than the completely platonic one I’m asking for). GGLs with beauty powers strongly encouraged to apply. 

Everything must go

GGY (no matter what my ex says) selling off original gadgets and weapons to help pay alimony. All prices negotiable. Nefarious villains need not apply. 

Your name on my cape

Down on his luck GGY looking for merchandising opportunities to help pay rent. Willing to modify logo and/or put vinyl decal on herocar. Not sellout, just unable to pay rent.

Deep connection

GGL seeking possible romantic relationship with GGY who’s into something other than himself. Pompous jerks who put out ads seeking a “totally platonic” relationship need not apply.

New catchphrase

GGY looking for new and hip catchphrase to make him “relevant with the younger demographic.” All ideas welcome. Onomatopoeia discouraged.


Don’t know where to turn. Bank taking house. Wife taking children. Considering taking life. Need hero…

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