Experiment #382

Wipple Gang: Gold Rush

We called ourselves the Wipple gang cuz Mavis said we should. Me and Stank had had our name on plenty of fool’s errands before so we were right fine with her taking this one. Well that and the fact that she could beat us up one side of the spaceport and down the other. 

When we looked at the state of our finances, which was to say we had none, Mavis got it in her head to pull a heist. She crinkled her nose, which I later learned was what she did when she was “fixin’ to think.” She worked out all the plans and presented it to us one night in the clubhouse, which was just another way of saying the shack we were squatting in. 

Mavis laid it out end-to-end and Stank, who’d done a maglev train heist or two, repeated it back to her. “So your plan is to get some guns, get on the maglev train, make them give us the money and then get off the train.”

“You got it,” Mavis said. 

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said. It was pretty similar to the plan I’d come up with except I’d forgotten about the getting on the train part. 

“Where do we get the guns?” Stank asked. 

Mavis crinkled her nose and I kicked Stank for screwin up Mavis’s plan.

“How bout the armory?” I asked. 

Mavis nodded. She crinkled her nose for a few more hours and then presented the new plan to us. 

“You’re saying we get some laser guns,” Stank repeated, “break into the armory, steal their guns and then go pull the maglev heist?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said again.  

“Where we gonna get the laser guns?” Stank asked. 

I was thinking on that till Mavis started crying. I punched Stank and said, “What’re you doin’?”

“We can get laser guns from the constable’s station,” Stank said. 

Mavis brightened at that. She went thinkin’ again and when she came back, Stank repeated it. “You wanna get an experimental gun that’ll blow a hole in the constable’s station wall. Then we run in and get what we need?”

“Sounds like a—” Stank cut me off before I could finish. 

“Where do we get the experimental weapon?” he asked. 

“Easy,” she said, “from the maglev heist.”

Stank and I both thought about this for a long moment. 

“So,” Stank said, “we pull the maglev heist to get an experimental weapon so that we can rob the constable station of its lasers so that we can steal guns from the armory and then pull the maglev heist?”

“You got it!” she said, proud as a peach in Patagonia.

I looked at Stank expectantly. He nodded approvingly. 

“Sounds like a plan to me!” I said.