Experiment #380

StoryLab Going on Hiatus

Not a story this week, but an announcement. I’m putting StoryLab on hiatus for a while. How long, I’m uncertain, but for the foreseeable future.

While telling stories is my first love and something I plan to continue to do, right now I have so many irons in the fire with The Undead Institute, Illustrated Sci-Fi, 8 Word Stories, Pineapple Comics and a thousand other things I want to do that I need a break from the time consuming, though completely self-inflicted weekly deadline.

I’ve learned so much about writing and telling stories in these last seven and a half years. (All of these other projects only exist because of this blog.) Thanks for reading and I hope to return to this blog soon, hopefully with new ideas and fresh stories to tell.

Peer Review the Experiment

Tell the author how he did and how he could do better.
Be Honest. Be Specific. Be Constructive.