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Why are you selling e-books?

From the beginning I decided Story Lab was going to be a place where content and readers came first. I wanted to write great stories and focus on getting them out into the world. I didn’t want ads to clutter the user interface and I particularly did not want the interest of advertisers to influence or skew any of my work here. But a guy can’t feed his family on dreams, so I decided to sell e-book versions of many of the Story Lab stories to help mitigate costs. If you like my work and want to support it, telling your friends and purchasing an e-book are two great places to start.

What do I get when I purchase a Story Lab e-book?

Each item will list what kind of files it contains, but most will contain an ePub version (for use in Nook and other e-readers), a Kindle version (this is the .mobi and can be read on a kindle device or the free Kindle Reader program), a PDF version, and an HTML version. This should allow you to read it on just about any device.

Can I buy more than 1 e-book at a time?

Yes! You’ll even get a bulk discount. Contact me with the stories you’d like to bundle and I’ll send you a special link where you can purchase them. (Unfortunately the site does not currently support a shopping cart for multiple purchases)

My e-reader doesn’t take those formats, can I convert the files I download?

You may convert the files to any format that helps you read it (for your own personal use, of course), as long as you’re taking fully responsibility for the conversion, you’re not making money off of the converted files/conversion process, and you’re not converting to a proprietary format that requires royalties or introduces DRM. Please let me know, though, what format you need and I’ll look into including it in future releases.

Can I share the e-book with my friend?

Yes. Of course, I’d prefer your friend bought her own copy, but you may personally share it with a few friends for a book club or other purpose.

Please note, however, that selling e-books is the only way I have to support this project, to keep it going and keep it free.

What is PayHip?

PayHip  is a pretty awesome service that takes care of the technical parts of selling an e-book for me so I can spend more time writing.

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