Experiment #133

The Stars Are Calling Part 9

Sarah swerved around and aimed the Savannah right at the peacekeeper.

She flipped a few switches and disabled the safeties. She started hyperspace calculations for an entry point she knew she wouldn’t be at. “I hope this’ll make a big enough hole,” she said.

She pushed the engines forward as hard as they would go.


“They’re here,” the first officer called out.

Within seconds a precidian torch showed through the door. Silence reigned as the torch slowly, methodically finished its cut and a chunk of door fell into the room. “Fire!” The first officer yelled and eight well trained men including Gideon fired through the hole.

A second precidian torch struck up a cutting tune outside the other door.

The security officers, the bridge crew, and Gideon put up a brave fight. Many Ftharan soldiers and pirates fell in the doorways, but with sheer numbers a few got through and then by virtue of gaining the foothold a few more got through.

Soon the bridge crew was overrun and had retreated to a corner where they stood close, ready to face that brave and terrible day together. The captain and his first officer stood closest to the enemy doing what little they could to shield the others with their bodies. Gideon stood just behind them. Once they had been disarmed, Seabrook himself entered the bridge.

“Ah, Starry, my old friend,” Seabrook said looking at Gideon. “Just who I wanted to see.” He leaned in close to Gideon and whispered, “I know your secret.”

“What do you want?” Gideon asked.

“Always with the questions. That’s how I always knew what you were. You asked way too many questions for a mechanic.” Seabrook smiled from ear to ear. “But that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Gloat to some one who cares.”

“You’ve asked so many questions, but never seem to ask the important ones like why you were exiled to the edge planets as a postal inspector despite daddy’s good name, or why that imbecile, Himson was promoted over you again and again.” He walked back to Gideon and got in his face, “or why they gave the best officer the academies have ever produced wrong location of the Grand Premiere’s visit.” He moved to the grand premiere and asked, “Do you know why?”

The Grand Premiere did not meet his eye.

“Ready everyone?” Seabrook said. “It’s because… Say it with me… He’s Ftharan. Yes, the ancient penal colony. Oh, we may fancy ourselves respectable now, but everybody knows the filth we came from. Rogues and brigands the lot of us, and you weren’t even want by us.”

Without warning Gideon punched him in the jaw. His men stepped forward to restrain Gideon, but Seabrook waved them off. “Ha!” Seabrook said rubbing his jaw. “So you already knew, huh?

“Then you know we’re brothers, Gideon,” Seabrook said. “Cut from the same cloth. Rejects of the same filth.”

Gideon clenched his fists.

Seabrook smiled.

“You know we never could have had this reunion if you hadn’t come along. Oh, I knew what was happening, I knew where it was happening, I even knew who was going to be there and who wasn’t. But When? That was the missing piece. That’s what made this soiree possible.”

Gideon did not speak.

“We’ll let that sink in for a moment,” Seabrook said. He was like a cat who had his dinner by the tail. “Where’s that pretty little friend of yours? She had nice legs. She’d make a good love slave.” Seabrook smiled. “Oh, but I see you’ve already thought of that. Oh, wait, there she is.” He pointed to a small ship flying towards the giant peacekeeper on the holotable in the middle of the bridge. “Come on, Starry. Let’s see what happens.” Seabrook placed his elbows on the table and his head in his hands.

“Don’t count her out yet,” Gideon said.


With proximity alarms clattering and blast after blast knocking her deflector shields further and further down The Savannah sped toward the engineering section. Sarah raised her hand to hit the hyperspace jump button, to blast a hole in the side of the peacekeeper so large it’d take a Ftharan year to rebuild it. But as she raised her hand, her deflector shield fell, and the peacekeeper’s cannon fired. The Savannah exploded in a brilliant fireball.

To Be Continued…

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