Experiment #340

Six Zeros Part 4

The lights blazed on as smoke, noise, and commotion filled the room. Kilmer shouted orders at his men. Each one went to a former inmate and touched a medical device to their neck, each arm, and each leg.

“No time for pleasantries. You’ve all been fitted with five subcutaneous explosive devices. Should any one lose contact with the other four in your body, you explode. Should any be taken out of your body, you explode. Should you behave poorly, you explode. Should one of you get out of line, you ALL explode.

“We’ve been attacked by a pirate vessel, most likely Ftharan. While my men are fighting off the pirates that’ve boarded us, I need you to go to the other ship and neutralize the threat. I don’t need you exploding on my ship, so stay in line, at least until you get over there and get the job done. I’ll use you as ordinance if I have to.”

A soldier ran into the room. “Sir, they’ve reached engineering.”

Kilmer turned to his men still in the room. “Get them undone and get to your stations.” Then he left following the messenger. Kilmer’s men, true to his word, released the former inmates and left the room.

“All right,” Gerard said, “Dumb Ox, you’re on point.”

“I told you, I ain’t following no twelve-year-old,” Wisk yelled in her face.

With moves faster than anyone expected, Gerard grabbed his neck and swung up on his back, and with the touch of five nerve points had him on the ground and twitching.

“Anyone else want to challenge the twelve-year-old?” Gerard asked.

No one raised a hand.

Gerard reached down and released Wisk. “Dumb Ox, you’re on point,” she said. “Filigree—”

“Pyrite,” he interjected.

“Fine. Pyrite, you’ve got our backs.”

“Fishmonger and Masq, be on the lookout for anything we can use.”

“What about me?” Cy asked.

“You stay here.”


“Listen, Mr. Special-pants, I ain’t a nursemaid for crybabies, so, Moorvat or not, if you couldn’t steal candy from an old lady you’ve got no place with me. So shut up, stay put, and try not to get yourself or us killed.”

Cy watched as they walked out the door.

To Be Continued…

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