Experiment #339

Six Zeros Part 3

“I ain’t following no twelve-year-old girl,” Wisk yelled.

“Least I ain’t stupid,” Gerard retorted.

“Ms. Melodious Kleeple, also known as Masquerade–“

“Just Masq,” she snarled.

“–is our disguise and infiltration expert,” Kilmer continued, unperturbed. “I’d hardly believe she was a woman if I hadn’t seen the scans myself.”

“Scans can be faked,” Masq said. She was currently a light skinned blond woman, who seemed like she could wrap any man around her finger.

“And Anthony Fishmonger, half-man, half-machine. He’s replaced half his organs with cybernetic versions. Former biotech professor on Ashkelon, if the rumors are to be believed.”

“They’re not,” said Fishmonger. Most of his modifications were internal, except for his right eye which had been replaced by a disconcerting camera and an orange light.

The guy who’d been quiet the whole time coughed. All eyes turned to him and his wan smile. He was scruffy, thin, tall, and looked very out of place, like an accountant in a biker bar.

“Who’s this loser?” Gerard asked.

“Yes, who are you?” Kilmer asked.

“I’m nobody.”

Kilmer turned to one of the bodyguards who’d entered with him. “Kill this nobody.” The body guard lifted his weapon.

“Wait! Wait! My name is Kringle.”

“Kringle? Like Santa Claus?” Wisk asked.

“Okay, kill Kringle,” Kilmer said.

“Wait, okay, that was a bad lie, and I really shouldn’t lie to guys with guns. My name is Hero.”

“Seriously?” Pyrite asked.

“‘Hero?’” Masq asked with derision. “No wonder you said, ‘Kringle.’”

“What are you in for?” Fishmonger asked.

“Saving the day?” asked Pyrite.

“No, it was, uh…murder,” Hero said.

“Cyneheard Berhtoald Hero,” Kilmer said, “Breaking and entering.”

“Yeah, that’s how it started,” Hero said.

“Cyneheard?” Fishmonger asked. “What a stupid name.”

“It’s my Mom’s, okay?” Hero said. “My friends call me Cy.”

“Named after your Mom?” Pyrite asked, gasping with laughter.

“Apparently, elderly Mrs. Finchin, who’s very much alive by the way, decided to press charges.” Kilmer said.

Everyone laughed.

“What landed you in the max system? What are you, a Moorvat or something?”

Cy looked down. “No.”

Kilmer, who was still fiddling with his tablet, stopped laughing. He turned to the man next to him. “Double his restraints. I want him on camera every second.”

Kilmer and his men rushed out of the room.

“What’s a Moorvat?” Ox asked.

“The soldiers, you idiot,” said Gerard.

“A genetically engineered killing machine,” said Masq.

“Maybe first gens,” said Cy. “But the second generation–“

“They reproduce?” Pyrite asked. “Gross.”

“They’re still human,” said Cy.

“Not likely,” Fishmonger said.

“You area Moorvat,” Masq said. “Aren’t you?”

“Well, yes,” said Cy, “a second gen.”

“So you, like, turn red and get laser-proof when you’re angry?”

“Not exactly. Anger’s often a trigger, but–“

“Good thing stupid’s not a trigger,” Pyrite said.

Everyone laughed except Cy. “Yeah.”

The night continued in much the same vein. Eventually Kilmer killed the lights in the room, and they all took that as their cue to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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