Experiment #59

Silly Limericks

Limericks are often foolish
Their morals rather ghoulish
But when you can rhyme
Just part of the time
You’re not very good at them

There once was a goose with a wig
Whose wife thought it way too big
He fumed and fought,
but all for naught,
‘Cause she gave it away to a pig

Cornelius Blunderbuss
Thought himself wondrous
He’d hoot and holler
About a tenth of a dollar
Till the orderlies took him from us

If Eunice and Gertrude and Steve
wore a wig, a hat, and a weave
Then smiley old Joe
Would get up and go
Tell Stinky Pete to leave

Jervous the nervous gnu
Had a long stay at a zoo
When he got home
He’d forgot how to roam
And sat about looking blue

Marvinous the Matador
Went one day to a China store
But he couldn’t decide
the best place to hide
When a bull walked in the door

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