Experiment #106

Searching for Love…

Search terms submitted by a single user over the course of five days

Day 1
When will pigs fly?

How do you make a pig fly?

Pigs with wings

Is pig flight possible?

Scientific experiments regarding pig flight

How do you attach wings to pigs?

Steps to attend veterinary school

The best veterinary schools

Veterinary schools that allow experimentation

Veterinary schools experimenting with pig flight

Why would a girl suggest an impossible task as the timing of the first date?

Why won’t pigs fly?

Pigs in airplanes

Evidence of pigs flying in airplanes

Articles documenting pigs flying in airplanes

Day 2
Why won’t girls accept scholarly evidence of airplane pig flight?

Define literally

Why doesn’t she like me?

What’s wrong with

What’s wrong with me?

Day 3
*No Search Queries*

Day 4
What do girls like?

What are the best chocolates?

Where to buy the best chocolates

Local flower shops

Local flower shop reviews

Best romantic poetry

Why do girls like things written in French?

How to sweep a girl off her feet

Should you “literally” sweep a girl off her feet?

Shipping rates for pigs

Cargo plane flight paths in the United States


Skydiving with livestock

Laws concerning skydiving with livestock

I really am a freak, aren’t I?

Day 5
Best chocolate

Cheapest chocolate

Best balance of taste and cost in chocolate

How do you sculpt chocolate?

Pig shaped, inexpensive chocolate

How do you say, “goodbye” in French?

Translate from English to French: “Until swine takes to the sky and impossibilities become truth, farewell. I truly wish you all the best.”

Fun hobbies

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