Experiment #222

Reverse Argument


I love you!

I love you!

That’s okay. I know where your heart is.

No big deal, I mean it’s fine. 

Look, I’m sorry about the whole thing. I just wanted to try something new. To draw us closer together.


That goes triple for me!

I can’t stand you or your mother.

You’re so full of yourself. 

At least I’m trying to make a difference.

New things are fine, your crazy desire to re-engineer human interaction, that’s the problem. 

Me? You’re the one who can’t try new things. Who has to do everything the way her parents did it.

Maybe if you wanted to argue like a regular person we wouldn’t have these issues.

Really? Really? You are the worst girlfriend ever!


How do you know until you try?

Because they’re usually stupid. 

You never want to try my ideas!

Don’t call me sugar plumb!

Come on just try it, sugar plumb

This is stupid.

But I love you.

You’re weird.

It’s the strife that brings us together.

How about we not argue in the first place?

Because then we’d start with make-up kissing, transition into a regular argument, and then finish with marital bliss.

Why would we want to do that?

We’d start out at make up kisses and end at marital bliss.


We should reverse argue.

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