Experiment #87

Places Dad Lied About

The Long Island Sound is a noise peculiar to Long Island.

England is where Mr. and Mrs. Eng settled, and started an empire, hence “Eng” land.

Pancakes is short for Panama cakes, while Flap Jacks were simultaneously invented in Flapagonia.

They’re called the Finish because they complete tasks before everyone else.

It’s called Turkey, where do you think the birds come from?

New England was settled by their son, New.

High fives were originated by mountain tribes.

Peninsulas are the illegitimate children of Pennsylvania

The moon is not made of green cheese. Anyone can see it’s more of a yellowish white cheese.

It’s called “Maine” because it used to be central to the US like a Main Street. Then everybody migrated south and they added the “e” to feel important again.

Antarctica was originally ruled by a species of sentient ants.

Connecticut is a “short cut” from Rhode Island to New York. You know, it “connects” them.

Greenland and Iceland got switched at birth.

The man in the moon is the third member of Neil and Buzz’s team whom they left by accident. Luckily he has plenty of cheese to eat.

Rhode Island was an island until the first ice age, with global warming it’ll soon be an island again.

You’ll love this place.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the tracks.

Smaller is better. You and your brother will be best friends. Who needs their own room?

A good coat of paint and it’ll look brand new.

We’ll be happy here, just you wait.

Your Mom’ll be back here soon.

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