Experiment #27

Mr. Whiskers & Other Poems

Mr. Whiskers wore a magic hat Poof!
Mr. Whiskers became a cat Poof!
Mr. Whiskers became a bat Poof!
Mr. Whiskers became a rat Poof!
Mr. Whiskers became a gnat Poof!
Mrs. Whiskers swung her mat
Mr. Whiskers went ker-splat
What do you think of that?


Muddled old mr. MacStew
Took quite a nice trip to the zoo
He yammered about
Like a crazy old lout
Shrieking, “The Battle of Waterloo!”


George the mightiest man
Picked a fight with handsome Dan
They kicked and they punched
Till George was all bunched
On the inner side of a can


Clint and Knucklehead Stu
Walked all night to Saloo
A house that they found
was six hundred feet round
And made of popsicle glue

Peer Review the Experiment

Tell the author how he did and how he could do better.
Be Honest. Be Specific. Be Constructive.