Experiment #28


Square eats an orange. Colors vow revenge.

“Boo-yow! In your face, old man! Umm… I mean… Uh… Better luck next time, Boss.”

I bought more than I could ever need!

Zap! “Oops, uhhh… No, no, it looks great. I mean, I umm… prefer you with hair on your face like that.”

He says he loves me and vampires never lie.

“Last call for Philadelphia! You’ll need to check your cat, son.”

“Let me apologize about my dad.”

“Why?” she asked.”I haven’t even met him yet.”

“Now hear this, now hear this,” the intercom boomed. “The white loading zone is for offspring only.”

Sometimes I mix up my consonantz. Luckily I don’t have any problem with my bowels.

Forever hold your peace is a long time.

Female Klingon mask for sale. Never been used.

Blue Square seen all around town. Rectangle and Green said to be jealous.

I tried the power of positive thinking once and changed my password to “YouAreSuperAwesome42,” but I kept misspelling it.

Peer Review the Experiment

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