Experiment #65

Love & Taxes Part 3 of 3

int. psychiatrist’s office – day


That was a week ago and I haven’t seen her since.


How does this make you feel?


You don’t understand, Doctor, I’ve been over this a thousand times and… and… I know I’ve got my problems, but that’s not why I’m here.


Why are you here then?



Because I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t know where else to go.

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Experiment #64

Love & Taxes Part 2 of 3

int. psychiatrist’s office – day

We look over the shoulder of the psychiatrist at Bernie who sits in a chair across from her.  We can just barely see notes on the clipboard over her shoulder, “lonely, neurotic, unable to communicate with women“.


What happened next?


I was too nervous to ask her out so I shook her hand and left… by the time I was out the door, I was sure she wouldn’t’ve said yes, by … Read More

Experiment #63

Love & Taxes Part 1 of 3

Fade in

ext. city street outside Allyson’s apartment – day

A man, Bernie, hurriedly crosses the street and looks from a piece of paper in his hand to the numbers on the buildings above him.

Consumed in his hurried search for the right building, his eyes miss the crack in the sidewalk, but his feet don’t.

He picks himself up and picks up his briefcase. He continues the search, but more slowly.

Bernie (v.o.)

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Experiment #11

Odds & Ends


int. grandpa’s Apartment study – NIGHT

JIMMY, a young boy of eight, sits at the desk, deeply engulfed in his work. He wraps a twist tie around the clip end of five pen caps so that they splay out like a star.

He lifts it up to see it better in the light of the desk lamp. He moves the bottom points closer together and straightens out the two side points.

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