Experiment #233


At the heart of Christmas is a scandal. A virgin becoming pregnant, lowly shepherds visited by angels and tasked with proclaiming the king’s birth, a genealogy rife with sin and deeds unfit for a prince of heaven, God becoming man.

I did the design and Ben Jamison and I collaborated on the text.

Experiment #173

Monsters Among Us

Experiment #144

Monster a Day

Throughout 2015 we’re experimenting with drawing one monster per weekday at monsteraday.tumblr.com







A few weeks back we did a comics week:

Experiment #122

Clay Fu & Tae Kwon Clay

Clay Fu


Tae Kwon Clay

Experiment #117

Necessity’s Child

StoryLab Magazine Issue I: Necessity’s Child has just been released on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

It’s a highly designed fiction magazine featuring three unpublished stories and three professionally edited and fully revised stories from StoryLab.

The Cleverest Contraption of Jeremiah Brown
There’s Time
The Year Santa Got Stuck
One Man’s Heaven…
Dad’s List of Accomplishments
The Time Machine

Catch it now while it’s still just $0.99

Experiment #55


This week’s story is off-site. Check out rrremail. It’s your Email Autopilot.

Experiment #35

The Golden Bucket

A fierce warrior who chose his name poorly.