Experiment #373

The Nothing Equation by Tom Godwin

Another great story on Illustrated Sci-Fi

Experiment #372

The Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells

Another story on Illustrated Sci-Fi

Experiment #371

The Shadow & the Flash by Jack London

Head over to illustratedscifi.com to read the design enhanced story, The Shadow & the Flash, written by Jack London with editing and design by John Rhea

Experiment #294

Pineapple Comics

A webcomic about a silly, naïve, and insanely optimistic tropical fruit. Find more at pineapplecomics.co

Experiment #273

The Wizard of Wall Street

Not so many years ago, Wall Street had its very own wizard. He was typical of wizards–eccentric, bearded, and obsessed with numbers. He mumbled to himself and rarely bathed, but wherever he went a stream of hungry young traders followed him. They tried to catch every clairvoyant word that slipped through his chapped lips.

Read the rest on DailyScienceFiction.com

Experiment #256

The Rat’s Eye & Other Stories

Pick up The Rat’s Eye & Other Stories e-book on Amazon for Free!

Experiment #226

Sir Searchalot

Tired of searching and actually finding what you’re looking for? Want to feel like an archaeologist on the internet again? Then turn your search back into a quest with Sir Searchalot. Search hasn’t been this hard since the 90’s.

Experiment #221


At StoryLab we love stories in every sense of the word and we want to bring people together in every way possible. So we’ve created awesomenametags.com a site that brings boring old name tags together with great design. And not only that, it bakes Icebreakers straight into the tags making them an event planner’s dream. Learn more at AwesomeNameTags.com

Experiment #144

Monster a Day

Throughout 2015 we’re experimenting with drawing one monster per weekday at monsteraday.tumblr.com







A few weeks back we did a comics week:

Experiment #143

Rock Bottom Bridges

With infrastructure problems running rampant and budgets tighter than ever, the U.S. Government is selling off bridges at rock bottom prices.  Own your very own piece of American History at rockbottombridges.com

Experiment #137

The Napkin Tie

Ever out to dinner and can’t find something to wipe your dirty face? Don’t look further than your neck.


Formal style. Casual function.

Experiment #117

Necessity’s Child

StoryLab Magazine Issue I: Necessity’s Child has just been released on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

It’s a highly designed fiction magazine featuring three unpublished stories and three professionally edited and fully revised stories from StoryLab.

The Cleverest Contraption of Jeremiah Brown
There’s Time
The Year Santa Got Stuck
One Man’s Heaven…
Dad’s List of Accomplishments
The Time Machine

Catch it now while it’s still just $0.99

Experiment #81

There’s Time.com

We all have things we wish we’d said. Friends we wish we’d told how we felt. Lovers who need to know that in the end they held our heart… Don’t Worry. There’s Time.TM

Experiment #71

Announcing: Story Lab Magazine

We’re starting a new experiment: publishing a digital, fiction magazine that marries great stories with great design. We’re currently building the app and hope to have Issue I:Necessity’s Child ready in early 2014 with Issue II: Superheroes? following a month or two later.

You can get more info and get on the mailing list at storylabmagazine.com

Experiment #55


This week’s story is off-site. Check out rrremail. It’s your Email Autopilot.