Experiment #255

Dr. Dirigible’s Handy Time Travel Checklist

Before leaving for a jaunt through the Middle Ages or a stroll across the Moon Colony, be sure to double check these safety items.

Inspect the time machine/chronometer. Look for any worn metal, excessive dirt, or aged joints. It may have stranded someone in the past and caught up the old-fashioned way.

Check the fuel levels. If you get stuck in the Triassic, there won’t be a fuel source for the next 250 million years.

Dress appropriately. While retro is in … Read More

Experiment #254

Ringtones for the Lonely

Experiment #220

How to Shoot a Galmorean Bow

1. Take the Galmorean Bow in your right hand.

2. Stretch the string to below your left foot. Be very careful not to let the string go (unless you already have children and have no need of more.)

3. Take two fingers of your left hand, reach around behind your head to grab the far side of the string. (Again, do not let it slip. Many Galmorean youth have lost ears for their inattention.)

4. Chant the Tahk … Read More

Experiment #177

How to Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps

1. Don’t get your calories from liquids, save those for food.

2. Swallow a Briggsgan worm. This may sound unpleasant and it is, but you will shed pounds instantly! The Briggsgan worm is native to the Gorvan system and has subsisted for centuries as a parasite. It typically inhabits the Gorvanian Dracksma an ancient warrior race.

Unfortunately this race died off when a human colonist sneezed on the chief and infected her with what humans call the … Read More