Experiment #75

Dog Gone

I am not an animal lover, but in the last eight years, by virtue of my marriage, I have mourned the loss of six animals (five dogs and one cat). I fell for an animal lover and I have paid the price in sorrow.

When I married on a bright summer day in 2005, I received two dogs and a cat in the bargain, each of which my wife had had for more than a decade. … Read More

Experiment #72

6 Easy Steps to Getting Your Stupid Content Clicked On

1 Put a Number in the Title

People like numbers. They feel finite and understandable, as if they could contain the expanses of the universe in a plastic tea-cup or a numbered list.

2 Make Difficult Tasks Sound Achievable in Finite, Incremental Steps

Rule the world in 3 easy steps. 5 ways to stop cancer. 10 reasons people like you can be more successful than you are. 7 secrets of ultimate happiness and fulfillment. 8 simple, easy steps … Read More