Experiment #171

A Letter to His Supreme Majesty the President of Neblis and Lord Protector of the Seven Nebula

Dear President Constantious,

It was a pleasure to see you at the galactic summit. You certainly held Chancellor Faraday’s feet to the fire on Flepsian immigration. I am certain he will no longer export “the dregs of the galaxy” to your solar system or any other Flepsians for that matter.

I was also very glad to hear that your fifth wife, Despairia I believe it is, will be staying with you despite that very public scandal. I’m … Read More

Experiment #86

There’s Time Part 5

Now you have the full story, as I understand it. I wish that I had shared this with you earlier, but I could never quite find the right time or the right way to bring it up, let alone the strength to get through it.

Experiment #85

There’s Time Part 4

You deserve better than that, schmuck. He lied to you. For your sake and your kid’s move on. You’re better off without him.

Experiment #84

There’s Time Part 3

Some nights while I’m tucking him into bed, we’ll lie there looking at the glow in the dark stars on his ceiling and wonder where you are and what you’re doing. Peter always asks if you get to do Jesus’ taxes now or still just other people’s.

Experiment #83

There’s Time Part 2

Unfortunately therestime.com messages cannot be replied to. In certain cases this protects anonymity of customers and is generally more therapeutic for recipients. We understand the desire to contact one you have lost, but, unfortunately, that is no longer possible.

Experiment #82

There’s Time Part 1

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Article on the Kingstown Daily Manager website dated August 27th, 2026

A tragic accident has claimed the life of local Kingstown resident Matthew Dodd. According to his wife he had gone out to fish on Lake Tulika yesterday before dawn. Hikers found his boat along … Read More