Experiment #376


The zombie shuffled along intent on nothing and nowhere. His insatiable hunger for brains couldn’t be satisfied here. Even at night he kept shuffling forward till he tripped and rolled head over heals to a stop. Having lost the sense of his limbs when he was infected, killed, and then revived by the zombie contagion, he could not tell whether they were all attached or not. He could see his right hand’s silhouette, ring finger missing, against the backdrop of the full moon. It seemed, however, too far away to still be attached. He could still wriggle his fingers, though. 

One eye had fallen out too, giving him odd, disjointed perspectives that his mind—what remained of it—couldn’t understand or control.

The zombie unable to shuffle forward when he tried, decided to wait till first light. 

Not long after he stopped moving the cat appeared. It purred and curled up around the zombie’s leg. The zombie’s arm with hand still attached used its fingers to crawl toward the cat and gently stroke the cat’s fur. The cat purred and rubbed itself against the zombie’s hand.

Finally the cat pulled away from the scratching hand and began to stalk its dinner. It got really low and snuck toward something in the grass. The zombie watched from both eyes as the cat slowly crawled forward. The cat pounced. The cat was not pouncing upon a rat, or other vermin, but upon the zombie’s lost eye. He moaned to warn the cat, but it was too late the cat, claws out, landed. 

When he felt enough courage (if zombies can feel such a thing) to look out of that eye again he saw a topsy turvy turbulent world until it all of a sudden stopped and he was looking up his own nose. Looking down with his other eye he moved his definitely still attached left hand down, scooped up the eye and popped it in his face. Despite three large slash marks across his vision, his eye still worked. He looked over and saw the cat sitting, slowly swishing back and forth. 

As the sun rose, the zombie found that he was mostly in one piece. His arm had come off but with some duct tape he found in a nearby store he reattached it, all be it, with the hand facing out and the elbow up. 

He moaned to the cat and shuffled off toward the sunset. The cat followed at his heals.

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