Experiment #169


Sarah looked at her brother, Chris, then jumped. She appeared out of thin air three hundred miles away in her apartment. She stepped to the book shelf, disabled the booby-trap and pulled out a book. It had been hollowed out to hold a long cylinder, an infinium disc. Clutching it she stepped back and jumped again. She appeared a few feet from Chris just out of range of the dampening field.

“No,” Chris said. “You can’t.” His hands were tied and he was weeping. “Jumping is all we have left.”

Sarah looked at the man with the gun, Jern, a Caldorian Operative. “The bio specs for his life,” she said holding up the disc.

Jern sneered. “That’s the deal.”

Sarah handed it to him. “We’re done.”

“Soon as I check it.” He put the disc in his decoder and threw Sarah the keys to the cuffs.

Sarah stepped inside the dampening field. She freed Chris’ hands then pulled him into a hug. “Hold tight,” she whispered.

“Checks out,” Jern said. “He’s all yours.” He dropped the dampening field.

Her eyes watched the operative as he hit transmit. She smiled as she jumped away with Chris. The virus on that infinium disc would seep into every Caldorian system, neural net and all, before it erased all knowledge of their transdimensional biotechnology, colloquially known as Jumping. No more dampening shields, no more enslavement, and no more bowing to the self-righteous Caldorians. Sarah and her people would be free.

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