Experiment #231

Interruption Part 5

“Mostly that you’d leave me in peace, leave me to my own devices. But as I know that won’t happen, I’ll have to settle for torturing you.”

“Go ahead and try,” Melinda said.

“You remember your fiancé?” He smiled in the way a lion plays with a mouse. “He never showed up when you thought he would. ‘Till death do us part’ be hanged, he didn’t show. Except that death thing was kinda accurate.”

“Gosh, will you get on with your inept diabolical plan already? I’m already bored of this monologue.”

Despite his stony glare, Melinda could tell she’d struck a nerve.

“Fine. You can be the first one to go,” Horatio said.

“Go where?” Melinda asked.

“I thought that information was too boring.” Lightning lit up the room as Horatio’s assistants turned on the device, a time gate. Electricity jumped from one post to another in a complicated dance. “Suffice it to say you’ll be seeing your fiancé again, though, he might not be seeing you. He being dead and all.”

At that moment Samuel jumped out of the lightning and punched Horatio across the jaw. He had a primitive time shifter on his chest and a look of wonder on his face.

Alfred and Melinda ducked behind Quentin as Horatio’s faithful men opened fire. The bullets bounced off Quentin’s cast iron skin.

“You were dead. I saw your tombstone,” Horatio shouted.

Samuel punched him again in the face. “That feel like it came from a dead guy?”

Alfred used his handcuffs to try to pry the puppet device off of Quentin. When that didn’t work he bashed it with them until the light in the center fizzled and died.

Five of Horatio’s men ran at Quentin. Quentin picked up the first guy within reach and threw him. He landed in the midst of Horatio’s equipment sparks flew and the lightning became more erratic.

Quentin threw the next guy too. The other three raised their weapons and stayed well out of reach.

The guy Quentin had thrown hit one of the metal posts, bending it in half. The fingers of lightning that had been dancing between the posts now reached out and grabbed at him. His clothes lit on fire. He screamed as the forked lightning sucked him into the center and he disappeared.

Quentin turned around, bullets still bouncing off his hide. He crushed the chain that connected one cuff to another for both Melinda and Alfred.

“Try to get to a control panel and see if you can get the defenses online,” Melinda said to Alfred. “Quentin and I will take care of those guys and let Samuel finish this.”

Alfred nodded. He ducked behind some crates and went to find an access panel. Quentin covered her while Melinda grabbed one of the guns dropped by the guys Quentin tossed. She fired back, but there were too many and she wasn’t sure she and Quentin could hold them off let alone turn the tide.

Horatio lifted Samuel above his head and tossed him into the cargo containers along one wall of the storage room.

Samuel got to his feet. He was bruised and beaten. After he’d landed that first punch he’d been on the wrong end of nearly every other punch. Horatio had pounded him with strength and skills built over several life times of combat and training.

Samuel tottered and jumped to the side as Horatio swung yet again at him.

“Lets finish this,” Horatio said as Samuel stumbled away from him.

To Be Continued…

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