Experiment #220

How to Shoot a Galmorean Bow

1. Take the Galmorean Bow in your right hand.

2. Stretch the string to below your left foot. Be very careful not to let the string go (unless you already have children and have no need of more.)

3. Take two fingers of your left hand, reach around behind your head to grab the far side of the string. (Again, do not let it slip. Many Galmorean youth have lost ears for their inattention.)

4. Chant the Tahk Maaa Zoxk as taught to you by the Galmorean Tribal Chief. Each Tahk Maaa Zoxk is unique to a village or tribe and the bow is uniquely tuned to the tribes aural vibrations.

5. Place your right foot out in front of you and allow it to hover two inches from the ground.

6. Keep this position, being as still as possible while contemplating your target and continuing to recite the Tahk Maaa Zoxk. If you stay completely still and your mind does not wander, the bow should charge within six hours, longer if you move and the charging has to restart.

7. Upon full charge, say the Tahk Maaa Zoxk for the final time and flex your left pinky while aiming at your target.

8. If your target moved within the charging time, you will need to recalibrate the bow and recharge it. The bow will not dry fire at something you have not contemplated nor will it work on inanimate objects.

9. Should you strike your target please contact the Galmorean High Council as no Galmorean has ever successfully fired a Galmorean bow and they would desperately like to know what happens when one does.

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