Experiment #178

History Dad Lied About

The Russo Prussian war was named after Peter Russo from house of Cards who did a lot of historical research on it.

Mozart was raised by a group of wolves, hence his first name.

Star Wars should be in your history book. Just cuz it was in a galaxy far far away doesn’t mean you can’t study it.

Neapolitan is an anglicization of Napoleon who liked it when things came in three varieties.

Rome was not built in a day, but a day and a half. Union breaks and all…

The United States was named after Amerigo’s assistant, Unus Statos

Ghengis was the best con artist this world has ever seen.

The Chinese New Year happens a month later because of where they are on the globe.

Abraham Lincoln did not invent the Lincoln log, but he did readily endorse it as a wonderful, “rustic” toy.

Hogan’s Heroes is totally educational. It gives a good historical perspective of Nazi prison camps.

Greece was named that because their chief export was bacon fat, they just changed the spelling so it wouldn’t confuse people.

Your mother was in love with me from the first day she saw me.

I was the one who played hard to get.

She married me the first chance she got.

You weren’t an accident. We planned you.

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