Experiment #142

Hello My Name is

Name tags pulled from thirty-seven events in the United States during a one year period and listed chronologically.

Robert Schwartz

John Doe

Your name

Hey You


Principal Underachiever

Yo Momma


YouTube Star

Captain Fantastic

Robertous Cornelious Schwartznicov

King Robert of the Mohicans

The Bob

Bob the Great





Bob #1

Bob #762

The Great Bobbino

Bobbalobba ding dong

Bob (It’s pronounced “Larry”)

Colonel Robert Mustard (with a knife in the kitchen)

Bobby (the wonder boy)

The Real Slim Shady

Captain Adventure

Sieman Ymolleh


The artist formerly known as Bob

The artist formerly known as your Mom

Michael Bolton (no, really)

C-list Celebrity

D-list Celebrity

Black-listed Celebrity

Hear for the food

Kick Me

Robert Schwartz

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