Experiment #17


Every year on Halloweeple
Monsters go out dressed as people

They choose which costume to wear
By what will cause the biggest scare

Vampires dress like cheerleaders
Zombies go as English Teachers

Mummy’s put on Father costumes
Witches drop their warts and brooms

Werewolves don blouses, skirts, and locks
Sea monsters wear pads like jocks

Ogres fake accounting degrees
Closet monsters eat their pees

Goblins and Imps dress as house wives
Skeletons give out high fives

Ghosts dress up as chicken farmers
Serpents become self charmers

But by far the biggest scare of all:
The Boogie Man as a doll.
Once dressed they all get together
To first discuss the weather

Then they go out in groups of two
To tell all the people, “Boo!”

Many monsters still believe
It will make a person leave

And some people do run away
But the rest are here to stay
Their parties are quite scary too
At least in a monster’s view

They all go back to a place
With lots of dancing space

They tell spooky stories about Dan,
The ten fingered, two armed man.

But the games will frighten them more.
They play Pretend, House, and Store

Next they Pin the Tie on the Dude
Then they eat weird people food

Like broccoli, carrots and rice
Bean soup, and apples with spice.

Last comes a show no monster can stand
From the high school marching band
If you’re out on Halloweeple
And monsters look like people

It’s okay, you don’t need to fear
Or hope your parents appear.

Monsters are real scary, it’s true,
But they’re just as scared of you.

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