Experiment #393

Fozzworth Diplomacy Part 3

With Ralph sick, Lord Cuspid on a visit to his constituency, Jeffrey on one of his trips to see the Jolly Red Elf, and, of course, Fiz working a double shift gathering teeth, Sekh, head of security, had woken Frannella up from a deep sleep when Lord Martuke arrived. 

As aide-de-camp to the Duke, She was the highest ranking person he could find. Once Sekh had repeated the issue three times she wiped the sleep from her eyes and dressed quickly, meeting Martuke less than ten minutes later. Though shortly thereafter she wished she’d taken longer and thought about what to do with him. 

After what seemed like hours of awkward small talk and a short tour of the palace, they landed in the outer chamber of Fiz’s personal rooms. They sat on some of the fine cushions and chatted about various things. 

To Franella’s initial relief, Fiz came in. He walked straight up to the Chancellor, hopped on one foot (his right), made Jazz hands while doing a disco move and singing “Hi-Hooooooooo!”

The Chancellor, far from being impressed, stood. “First you make me wait here, then you give me a third-rate reception from a bleary-eyed gribble-grabble,” Franella tried to object but Martuke’s rage overpowered her, “And finally you insult me and my dwarves with this nonsense? If you cannot perform a proper greeting for a head of state it would be better if you didn’t try!” The Chancellor stormed off. His retinue followed. 

Fiz stopped Jazz handing. He turned toward Ed and Fred who stood just outside the door. They both gave Fiz a thumbs up and motioned Fiz on. 

Fiz sighed and followed after the Chancellor. 

“Lord Chancellor! Wait!” Fiz yelled as the Chancellor put his hand on the doorknob of his room. 

The Chancellor paused. “This better be an apology.” He said as Fiz caught up to him and his entourage. 

Fiz opened his mouth to apologize when he saw Ed and Fred at the end of the hallway. He closed his mouth.

“What I really wanted to say is-” Fiz began. 

Ed and Fred looked sternly at him. Ed mouthed “for realsees”.

Fiz sighed. “Fribble Frabble Freplihkan.”

“What foolishness is this?”

“Frappy Flapper Fringgaloo.”

“You are on unsure footing, young Duke.” The Chancellor opened his door.

“Fapspar Filpsy Frawtohes Fringy Flanderos!” Fiz shouted as the Chancellor went through the doorway and slammed the door behind him.

Fiz looked at Ed and Fred. Both smiled and gave him a satisfied thumbs up. Fiz closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. Then he turned and went to find his bed.

To Be Continued…

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