Experiment #391

Fozzworth Diplomacy Part 1

Fiz appeared out of thin air with tired eyes. The tooth fairy control room was long past the height of activity. Only the first of the tiered rows of operations personnel remained. A janitor busied himself in the back of the room. Fiz walked up to the first row and yawned. “Kip, remind me to fire Ralph if he ever gets sick again.”

“That won’t solve your issue, Sire,” Kip said. Kip was an old elf who’d recently come out of retirement to help Fiz get into the swing of things as the new Duke of Tooth. He had a habit of constantly reminding Fiz how young and inexperienced he was.

Fiz shook his head to banish the sleep. “These double shifts are going to kill me.”

“You’ll have to live through Franella’s wrath first,” replied Kip. 

Fiz reasserted his quizzical stare.

“She’s been entertaining Martuke for you.”

Fiz furrowed his brow. “The giant dog from the comics? He’s real?”

“No. Lord Martuke,” Kip said, “Chancellor of the Dwarven Regency, Martuke.”

“That was today?”

“Yesterday actually. Luckily he’s been on an underground schedule and you’ve only missed his arrival by twelve hours. Ed and Fred are waiting in the blue room to brief you before you go see him.”

Fiz nodded to Kip. 

On his way to the blue room Fiz handed a ninja dwarf his Teeth Containment Ball.  The product of his double shift in gathering teeth as the Tooth Fairy. The dwarf took the ball and promptly vanished to the port city of Root Canal where he took a boat the rest of the way to the Pixie Dust Production Facility. 

Fiz wearily walked into the blue room, the room where he prepared for missions. 

Ed and Fred sat on two of the chairs with a mountain of paperwork between them. “Oh good,” said Fred. Ed jumped up and ushered Fiz closer to the mound of papers. 

“We have studied,” said Ed. 

“The diplomatic relations between,” said Fred. 

“Fairies and dwarfs”

“For the last two hundred years”

“Stretching between your great-great grandmother Beatriffous Bollanzzo.”

“And your grandmother, Ballenttina Bollanzzo II.”

“We know more about fairy-dwarf diplomatic relations”

“than we know about our parents’ relationship.”

“Not that Dad stayed around very long-”

“Suffice it to say that you’ve gotta trust us on this one.”

“No matter what.”

To Be Continued…

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