Experiment #89

Existential Questions

What do they call a Danish (the pastry) in Denmark?

If two lesbians go on a date, who pays?

Where does a guy named Sheila go to the bathroom in Australia (or at least at an Outback)?

What are pickled peppers and why would you pick them?

Do you think I’d look slimmer if I lost weight?

Why is “short” longer than “long”?

If daylight savings time is more than 50% of the time shouldn’t it be called standard time?

Why would you name a bald bear Fuzzy?

Is it wrong to judge people by their email fonts?

If your wife gets a haircut, but it doesn’t look good, should you notice?

At 30 can I still claim to be in my awkward years?

Why is “communicable” so hard to say?

Why aren’t there more spoofs of YMCA for the SPCA?

Isn’t it always after Labor Day? When can you wear white?

If a mime falls in a forest will he make a sound?

Peer Review the Experiment

Tell the author how he did and how he could do better.
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