Experiment #380

Wipple Gang: Prospect Part 1

“I’d give her three days,” I said, “till this stink hole breaks her.” But I was wrong, it took a lot longer’n that. 

Lots a lost souls flew out here to strike it rich in the Plaskar deposits that were “everywhere.” Only problem was any vein big enough for a rumor to travel back to Earth was twice bled dry by the time the dreamers got here.

Beyond the fortune hunters. no one came here ‘less they … Read More

Experiment #377


The zombie traveled deep into the nuclear winter. The cold no longer bothered him nor made his limbs ache, but the nights when his body froze he had to wait for it to thaw to move on. The cat had followed him from the Southern coast all the way up to this winter wasteland. 

He moaned to himself as he shuffled forward with the cat still following. She sometimes left for days on end, hunting rats … Read More

Experiment #376


The zombie shuffled along intent on nothing and nowhere. His insatiable hunger for brains couldn’t be satisfied here. Even at night he kept shuffling forward till he tripped and rolled head over heals to a stop. Having lost the sense of his limbs when he was infected, killed, and then revived by the zombie contagion, he could not tell whether they were all attached or not. He could see his right hand’s silhouette, ring finger … Read More

Experiment #375

Cat Braaains

Long after most of humanity had hidden itself away in the mountains to the west and ceded the land to the hordes, a lone, zombie shuffled through a trailer park. His horde had disbanded long ago and it had been months since he’d seen another zombie, years since he’d seen a human. He shuffled past double wide homes ripped apart by apocalyptic events till he neared one still mostly intact. 

He had no need for food … Read More

Experiment #374

Down with the Ship

The ship rocketed through the atmosphere at incredible speed. Doug clung to the drive shaft and tried not to pass out. 

When the engines fried, Julian ejected in the escape pod. So much for women and children first. 

Doug only had flaps and one shot with the maneuvering thrusters to get them on the ground. 

A mountain reared up. 

Doug tugged on the drive shaft and hit the thrusters. The ship hopped, just cleared the peak and plowed down … Read More

Experiment #373

The Nothing Equation by Tom Godwin

Another great story on Illustrated Sci-Fi

Experiment #372

The Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells

Another story on Illustrated Sci-Fi

Experiment #371

The Shadow & the Flash by Jack London

Head over to illustratedscifi.com to read the design enhanced story, The Shadow & the Flash, written by Jack London with editing and design by John Rhea

Experiment #357

Six Zeros Part 21

Cy stood in his dress uniform in front of Gerard, Pyrite, and Ox. Toliver stood off to one side.

“For your aid in bringing Colonel Kilmer to justice and in destroying the business networks of Boss Clawf, I have been authorized to suspend your sentences and to give you clemency for the offenses you committed while under Kilmer’s threat.”

“That’s not quite expunging them, Cy,” Gerard said.

“No,” he said with a defeated tone. “Nor can I give … Read More

Experiment #356

Six Zeros Part 20

Gerard and Ox ran down the hallway. Plasma fire singed the walls around them as Clawf’s underlings shot at them.

When Gerard reached the hangar, she ducked inside the door, waited for Ox to get through, then wired the door shut. “Ox, the yacht!” Gerard shouted, pointing to Boss Clawf’s pleasure cruise vehicle.

“It have guns?” Ox asked as he ran towards it.

“We’ll see,” Gerard said.

She could hear Clawf’s minions outside the door firing up a precidian … Read More

Experiment #355

Six Zeros Part 19

Toliver and Cy came to the exit door closest to where Toliver had parked their ship. They opened it to see Masq holding a tied Pyrite at gunpoint. “Any closer and he buys it,” she said.

“What if we don’t care about him?” Cy asked.

“You wouldn’t have come this way if you didn’t,” she said. “Kilmer locked the bird down remotely, so you won’t be getting off this rock that way.”

“He was our teammate. You were … Read More

Experiment #354

Six Zeros Part 18

Cy was a blur of red and landed between Boss Clawf and Gerard as Clawf pulled the trigger. His red skin absorbed the plasma shot as he lobbed the explosive at Kilmer.

He gathered Gerard in his arms and ran. Ox and Toliver followed them. Cy left Fishmonger where he lay.

Kilmer had gotten a deflector shield up in time, but the explosion still sent Kilmer and his tablet flying.

When they came to a wall, Cy punched … Read More

Experiment #353

Six Zeros Part 17

“While I’d love a shootout,” Boss Clawf said, “it’d be no fun cleaning your guts off the wall. My brother’s daughter deserves a better death. How about you all just give up your weapons and we can handle this without brain paint, huh?”

“You’ll regret it if I die,” Gerard said.

“No one’s left to mourn but me.”

“No one will mourn your business, but you.”

“You’ve got an angle, huh?” Clawf asked, half proud and half frustrated with … Read More

Experiment #352

Six Zeros Part 16

“Ok, I’m fibbing,” Gerard said. “But it’s for the good of the mission. Clawf has a special backup process that your virus doesn’t account for.”

“How do you know?” Toliver asked.

“Preparation,” Gerard said.

“Fishmonger, what’s your read?” Toliver asked.

Fishmonger looked over her shoulder. “She seems to be telling the truth.”

“Then shut up and let me do the job you threatened my life to get done.”


“What are these files anyway?” Fishmonger asked.

“You still don’t need to know,” Toliver … Read More

Experiment #351

Six Zeros Part 15

One more good kick and the hole was large enough for Ox to get his hands in and pry it open. Guards entered, drawn by the alarm.

“Ox, Fishmonger,” Gerard yelled. “Take care of them.”

As Ox and Fishmonger advanced on the guards, Gerard pulled a small metal box from the safe. She opened the lid and pulled out a handful of ID cards; she slipped those in her pocket, then pulled out two rings and slipped … Read More