Experiment #173

Monsters Among Us

Experiment #125


Sheila turned off into the alley. She walked briskly to avoid as much of the suffocating rain as possible, though as she was already soaked through, it hardly mattered.

About two-thirds of the way down the back alley she put a key into a lock, turned it, said a silent prayer, and pushed open a creaky door. The smell of must and dust affronted her nostrils as she made her way to the kitchen. She’d emptied … Read More

Experiment #121

Deranged Fan

“Hello,” the talk show host said facing the studio audience, “I’m Dr. Claude Zipher and welcome to another episode of ‘They Think I’m Crazy!’ The show where real people tell their real story and you, the viewer, get to decide who is right and who is CRAZY. Come on, let’s have some fun.

“My first guest is an unpublished author from Minnesota, Gary Milieu.”

Gary sat at a table on the stage. He raised a hand and waved … Read More

Experiment #77

The Christmas Tree Forest Part 2 of 2

Over at the Christmas tree forest the fight had deepened and Minimous now openly challenged Magnus’ authority.

“You’ve never been picked, why should we trust your decorating style?” Minimous said.

“I have been helping trees meet Santa’s requirements for over one hundred years,” Magnus said.

“And yet you’re still here.”

“Ssssshhhh!” Magnus said.

“Ha!” Minimous said, “That’s your comeback?”

“Quiet,” Magnus said. Enough authority seeped into his voice to quiet Minimous for the moment. And then Minimous heard it too: Jingle … Read More

Experiment #76

The Christmas Tree Forest Part 1 of 2

Once upon a time there was a Christmas tree forest. These pine trees lived every day decked out in their Christmas best: ornaments, Christmas balls, colorful lights, stained glass, popcorn strings, stars, white lights, angels, garland, nativity scenes, tinsel, silver bells, and more.

Every year Santa came to that very forest and picked a single tree as the official Christmas tree. He’d transplant it to his North Pole bungalow where it would celebrate Christmas with him … Read More

Experiment #69

All the Way to Daylight

Franklin sprinkled gasoline over a heap of papers and books. In his other hand he clutched a locket carved in the shape of a bird, or, more specifically, a phoenix.

The air split with an echoing scream. Anger, desperation, and longing wrapped together in one piercing screech.

Franklin threw down the gas can and pulled out a lighter. The otherworldly wail came again, closer.

Franklin flipped the lighter open and held it there, contemplating the fiery death he … Read More

Experiment #32

Happily Ever After

Hello, I’m Princess Lovely. You know… from the fairy tales…

First time here… at the group… I’m not really supposed to be here, you know, happily ever after and all that… but then again, none of us are… except maybe Cinderella’s step mother… Heh…

Sorry, Janice, I didn’t see you there…

But ummm… I mean, I guess the problems, started with his socks.

He’d come in from a long day of hunting and riding and just leave his socks … Read More

Experiment #20

Thank you, Lord, for Leftovers

After the turkey was ready and everyone had gathered at the table, but before his father could open his mouth, five-year old Billy began to pray, “Thank you, Lord, for chocolate, cranberry sauce, the Internet, and storms that knock out the power at school.

“Thank you for my best friend, Mike, and that he trades my pudding for his cookies. Thank you for Mr. Smith at the grocery store who didn’t charge me for the candy … Read More

Experiment #17


Every year on Halloweeple
Monsters go out dressed as people

They choose which costume to wear
By what will cause the biggest scare

Vampires dress like cheerleaders
Zombies go as English Teachers

Mummy’s put on Father costumes
Witches drop their warts and brooms

Werewolves don blouses, skirts, and locks
Sea monsters wear pads like jocks

Ogres fake accounting degrees
Closet monsters eat their pees

Goblins and Imps dress as house wives
Skeletons give out high fives

Ghosts dress up as chicken farmers
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