Experiment #324

Dad’s List of Accomplishments

Figured out cold fusion (in a day).

Found the sock that was lost in the laundry.

Solved division by zero.

Lead Jacque Cousteau on all his famous missions (and several minor ones).

Solved the Reimann hypothesis.

Came up with Murphy’s law. (“But how come it’s not named after you?” I once asked. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” he replied.)

Ended the Cold War.

Found his own keys.

Predicted the dot com boom…and bust.

Has never been lost.

Invented deep-fried Twinkies.

Wrote the Sherman … Read More

Experiment #294

Pineapple Comics

A webcomic about a silly, naïve, and insanely optimistic tropical fruit. Find more at pineapplecomics.co

Experiment #226

Sir Searchalot

Tired of searching and actually finding what you’re looking for? Want to feel like an archaeologist on the internet again? Then turn your search back into a quest with Sir Searchalot. Search hasn’t been this hard since the 90’s.

Experiment #211

Miscellaneous Flash Fiction

The Gift

“Here. Here’s some body wash.”

“You implying something?”


“Why’s it half gone?”

“It gave me hives.”

“So naturally you gave it to me.”

“It’s free body wash, what do you want?”



Code Name



“That’s his spy name?”

“Better than Xylophone.”

“What’s wrong with ‘xylophone’? It’s cool. ‘Hey there gorgeous, I’m Xylophone.’ See? Cool. ‘Hey there gorgeous, I’m Filibuster.’ See? Stupid.”

“Bad pickup lines aren’t a ‘cool’ test”

“Says you.”

“You’re gonna die on your first mission.”

“At least I die cool.”


Crazy Person

“Hello. My name is Will and I’ll … Read More

Experiment #173

Monsters Among Us

Experiment #122

Clay Fu & Tae Kwon Clay

Clay Fu


Tae Kwon Clay

Experiment #111

Community Bulletinboard

Cutest Kittens ever!

For sale $2, 2 for $3 Call Jim at 524-7856 ASAP

Cuteness cannot be contained!

Lost Kitten

Extremely cute kitten with black and white spots, enjoys crumpets with his tea and playing dress up. Answers to the name Princess Lubbel Pants. Call Sarah’s Mom at 453-2268

All Your Sitting Needs!

Fun and witty college senior looking to care for children, pets, plants, and/or houses. All your sitting needs in one place. Call Jenna at 583-4421. She’s standing by … Read More

Experiment #88

Awkward Book Titles

Ever read The Number 7 in Your Pants: A History of Quality Assurance or Floater in The Pool: An Encyclopedia of Inflatable Rafts? Books whose cover you probably won’t want to flash around.

Experiment #55


This week’s story is off-site. Check out rrremail. It’s your Email Autopilot.

Experiment #44

It’s My Friend’s Car?

Jeff tried to roll down the window of the unrestored 1984 Toyota Cressida. He searched for the automatic switch, but they built this car before any of those fancy options were commonplace. He found a handle that looked promising. After two cranks the handle came off in his hand, and try as he might, he could not get it back on. He took a deep breath and turned his attention through the window crack to … Read More