Experiment #159

Milksop’s Fables 2

Grin and bear it

One day, instead of going for a run, Steve sat down in his easy chair with a bowl of popcorn and a case of soda. He turned on the nature channel and watched people hike through the rolling hills and gentle slopes of his native country. Suddenly a bear came in the front door.  While Steve cowered in the kitchen, the bear tore apart his living room and ravaged his easy chair.

Moral: … Read More

Experiment #135

The Tortoise & the Snail

Coming off his blistering victory over the hare, the tortoise decided to set out on a world racing tour. He challenged rabbit after rabbit to a race, but somehow his triumph never repeated itself. With his racing stats in crisis he decided to challenge the slowest animal he could find.

After long consultations with his racing manager and friend, the Terrapin, he decided to challenge the Sloth. Its mammalian descent made a clear link to hares, … Read More

Experiment #67

The Sword & The Pen

The sword and the pen had been friends for as long as they could remember. The sword would tell stories of marvelous deeds done on the field of battle or in duels and contests where valor and honor were won and lost in the blink of an eye. And the pen would enthrall his friend with tales of love and poetry so sweet it brought the sword to tears.

The sword, however, had a temper and … Read More

Experiment #62

Oops, Whoops, & Shrinkle-Dinkle Part 3 of 3

Shrinkle-Dinkle pulled out his wand and right-sized everything within range as fast as he could mumble the spell and point his wand. As the pandemonium began to die down Oops and Whoops turned toward Shrinkle-Dinkle. The hearts filled with love that had tempered their mischievous side were now too small to overwhelm it. To make matters worse with each terrible, selfish act they had shrunk their own hearts even more. They cared only for their … Read More

Experiment #61

Oops, Whoops, & Shrinkle-Dinkle Part 2 of 3

At first little seemed to change, except that no-one laughed after this spell. Oops and Whoops looked at each other. Oops sniffed the air and made a face. Whoops did so too. Then they looked over at their cousin. Stinky soot covered his face and chest and the explosion had grizzled his beard and hair. That’s when they started laughing, and not the good-natured laugh they had always had, no, this laugh had an edge to it, … Read More

Experiment #60

Oops, Whoops, & Shrinkle-Dinkle Part 1 of 3

There once was a fairy named Shrinkle-Dinkle. He lived at the end of a long, forest lane with his cousins Whoops and Oops. Shrinkle-Dinkle earned a living for the three selling potions and spells, particularly of the size manipulation variety (shrinking, growing, and right-sizing).

Oops and Whoops had a mischievous streak and liked to play practical jokes on Shrinkle-Dinkle. One time they laced his breakfast with dragon peppers. Besides the massive heart burn, he belched fire … Read More

Experiment #50

The Man with a Robotic Arm (Part 2 of 2)

Hogarth stomped into view. He laughed when he saw them. “You guys think you’re so strong,” he said. He licked his lips and rubbed his hands together. “I’m going to enjoy dinner tonight. All those houses give me indigestion.”

The man and the monkey both picked up stones and slung them at Hogarth trying to stop his advance, but the rocks were too small, like dust particles slung at a human. Even the combined strength of … Read More

Experiment #49

The Man with a Robotic Arm (Part 1 of 2)

Once upon a time there was a man with a robotic arm. He lived with a robotic monkey in a small house on the side of a remote mountain that overlooked the great sea. They made a living by crushing nuts, breaking rocks, and lifting things for the people of the local village. If anyone in the village had a heavy object to move or a jar they couldn’t open, they knew who to call.

One summer … Read More

Experiment #33

Milksop’s Fables

The Man with the Squirrel Pants

Once there lived a man who had a pair of pants that would turn him into a giant squirrel. However, seeing as it was not a flying squirrel and he had no real use for turning into a giant squirrel, he rarely ever made use of them.

That is until the day nuts the size of dorm room refrigerators attacked the city. Average citizens ran and hid, but not this guy, … Read More

Experiment #32

Happily Ever After

Hello, I’m Princess Lovely. You know… from the fairy tales…

First time here… at the group… I’m not really supposed to be here, you know, happily ever after and all that… but then again, none of us are… except maybe Cinderella’s step mother… Heh…

Sorry, Janice, I didn’t see you there…

But ummm… I mean, I guess the problems, started with his socks.

He’d come in from a long day of hunting and riding and just leave his socks … Read More

Experiment #30

The Kingdom of Fancy Pants

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Fancy Pants there lived a boy named Jack. Jack worked at the Royal Fancy Pants Laundromat making laundry soap. Jack was very poor, but he generously bestowed his bright and sunny smile on everyone he met.

Now this land wasn’t called the Kingdom of Fancy Pants for nothing. The pants there had sequins and beautiful colors, special cuts and shapes, intricate embroidery and extravagant material, frills and patterns … Read More

Experiment #29

How Manners Were Invented

Long ago, during the Jurassic period, no one had any manners. You’d never find a dinosaur sharing his toys or letting someone else go first. Even Mommy and Daddy dinosaurs put their elbows on the table and burped during dinner. And no one, and I mean no one, ever said “Please” or “Thank you.” That is until Germinda Genevieve Giganotosaurus came on the scene (names were very alliterative back then). But she didn’t start as … Read More

Experiment #14

The Robot Who Couldn’t

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jimmy who lived with his Mom. Finally, after months of asking, Jimmy got a robot. He’d received it as a gift from a distant aunt who’d even gone to the trouble of having it personally engraved, or at least that’s what his Mom told him he had to say he appreciated in his Thank You card.

Jimmy put the robot together himself without even touching the directions. … Read More

Experiment #8

Theodore B. Bear

Theodore B. Bear was no ordinary animal. A magical man had bent and twisted him into existence out of thin air.

Laura squirmed with anticipation as the magical man put a tulip on Theodore’s arm and made him dance for all to see.

Even in her party hat with pink frosting dried to her cheek, Theodore thought Laura looked beautiful.

Finally the magical man offered Theodore to her. She grabbed him and hugged him so tight he almost burst.

“Mommy, … Read More

Experiment #5

The Magic Fish

One day while walking along the beach a boy came across a fish lying in the sand. The boy stopped to watch the fish flop back and forth. As the boy reached for the fish, it spoke. “If you help me,” the fish said, “I’ll grant you a wish.”

The boy picked up the fish and tossed it back into the sea. Without a reply or a thank you the fish swam out to deep water. The … Read More