Experiment #213

8 words x5

The warlord sniffed and leered at Tasha, “Pepperoni?”

“‘Supercalafragalisticexpialadotious’ doesn’t describe the FAA’s feelings toward you.”

“Your alter ego’s narcissistic.”

“That’s my regular ego”

The superhero ducked behind the dumpster and wept.

“Trees are alive!”

“You make everything sound creepy.”

Little Bunny Fufu was sued over “bopping incident.”

Burglar called 911 after the guard pig attacked.

Teenager, reflecting on failed life, writes memoir tweet.

Distant planet declares war over 1970’s hair styles.

The man remained calm despite the clown’s return.

The monster leapt from the closet and… danced.

The starship flew
across the room
and shattered

“Mac-N-Cheese, Yo.” How my daughter’s boyfriend introduced himself.

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