Experiment #225

8 words #7

“Mars, stay away from Earth. She’s people infested.”

Bright lights, big city. Dim lights, not pretty.

The Gormax smiled and finished chewing the coatrack.

There were too many kooks in the kitchen

The cleaners thanked him for their job security

Her fashion sense put the “war” in “wardrobe”

“Alabaster! Patagonian! Chrysanthemum!”

“Mom! No swearing in gibberish.”

“Weirdo.” My baby daughter’s first word… for me.

Starship crashes into comet. Pilot found texting girlfriend.

Sentient donuts claim human ambassador murdered royal court.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Mr. Bigstuff.”

The bedraggled zombie shuffled forward, “Braaains for poor?”

Even with time travel, he still wasn’t punctual.

“Come back!” Earth called as Haley flew by.

What to do? The mimes were boxed in.

“Perhaps I should’ve considered other insults.”

The horse won the race without the whip.

Welcome, robot overlord. Your dry-cleaning awaits your inspection.

City cop. Country girl. Love affair. Miranda rights.

Finally, deep in Timbuktu, he asked for directions.

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