Experiment #219

8 Words #6

Uncle Harold went crazy. Aunt June stayed crazy.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Line moved! Waiting.

The squirrel mowed down pedestrians in his dreams.

Steve’s outlandish immaturity elicited Sarah’s infamous stink eye.

King Charles the Insignificant, never amounted to much.

Red lips, purple nails, blue hair: daughter’s boyfriend.

“You smell like cheese.”

“Sounds Gouda to me!”

He raised the cup and drank in despair

This is a job for… My imaginary girlfriend!

King Harold the Eviscerator wore pink. None complained.

Sheathing his sword, he replaced his red nose.

The giant, death-ray sliced the whole grain bread.

“Jupiter’s a gas giant.”


“Ok, seriously…”


She held his hand but dropped his heart.

Poop smeared walls. Helper monkey not so “helpful.”

Sure things: Death, taxes, and the Starbucks line.

Bottle blonde. Manicured nails. Red lipstick. Son’s hamster.

“‘Fishguts.’ Worst. code name. ever.”

“Worse than ‘Colonoscopy?’”

“Play Parcheesi?” the alien asked. “Sorry!” Jim replied.

King George the Ostentatious, died naked and alone.

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