Experiment #209

8 words to the 4th

Molehill declared “mountain” by local political counsel’s decree.

Cow found in cockpit. Airport security standards reevaluated.

She chose invisibility. I never saw her again.

Camper stumbles upon dancing bears, schedules worldwide tour.

Simon covered his steak. “It’s nothing, Bovine Overlord.”

Man beaten by own clone on IQ test.

“Grandpa’s an old fart.”

“That explains the smell.”

Fake artifact found by sham archaeologist proved authentic.

Spaceship disappears in Nebula. Captain had suggested shortcut.

Captain Obvious married Miss Enigmatic. Confused children followed.

2 peer reviews of “8 words to the 4th

  1. Some of these seem to be headlines. Is this in the vein of Hemingway’s challenge to write a short story in 6 words (the challenge put to Hemingway), only you went easy on yourself?

    This is the first experiment I’ve witnessed.

    • It is in the vein of Hemingway’s challenge, but I lean toward science fiction and establishing a world in eight words is hard enough, let alone in six. I’m comfortable saying that Hemingway was a lot better than I am and he could have done sic-fi in 6.

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