Experiment #205

8 words – #3

Her giant ego didn’t care about my narcissism.

Dr. Awful’s Ph.d. in mad science was honorary.

“He went commando.”

“Like special forces?”

“Not quite”

“Checkmate,” the alien said.

“I wasn’t playing.”


Colonial Planet revolts. Demands Independence or Sports Channels.

“They should rename your dad the methane nebula”

After tasting my brains, the zombie killed himself.

Old lady found alive after tooth fairy mixup.

Aaaaah a zombie!”

Wife grimaces and punches me.

“Aaaaah an alien!”

Englishman sighs, swears in British.

“Aaaaah a vampire!”

Transylvanian Count smiles and waits.

Mad scientist wig for sale. Never been used.

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