Experiment #388

Wipple Gang: 49 Part 2

“Can’t we rob some other bank?” I asked. “That place is tighter’n a muskrat’s death grip.”

“Ain’t no other bank gonna give us a payday that’ll get all three of us back to Earth,” Stank said. “And Old Man Cooter a retirement.”

“Well wouldn’t that mean we’d get stopped soon as we tried to buy tickets?” I asked. “They’d knows the money didn’t pop out of Stank’s tuchus.”

“Stop worrying, Clem.” Stank said. 

“We’ll be fine,” Mavis said. She batted those big hazel eyes at me, and well, I ain’t proud of it, but in that moment I woulda called green “blue” if she’d asked me to and even if it weren’t turquoise-y at all neither. So I dropped it and we went on with her plan. 

She’d gotten a lot better at planning since the maglev in-so-dent, but when she were done, I looked over at Stank to see what he thought. “I like it,” Stank said, “but where we gonna get a chicken suit this side of Orion’s belt?”

Mavis’ face got all scrunched up like she were gonna cry and I thought I was gonna have tah kick Stank again, when her face relaxed and she said, “You’re right, Stank. Want to work on a plan together?”

         I never seen Stank’s face light up like a Christmas tree before, but it sure did then. They hold up in Mavis’ room for hours after that. All I could hear was laughing and giggling and not so much as a strategical word. They finally came out when Old Man Cooter rang the dinner bell. 

To Be Continued…

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