Experiment #354

Six Zeros Part 18

Cy was a blur of red and landed between Boss Clawf and Gerard as Clawf pulled the trigger. His red skin absorbed the plasma shot as he lobbed the explosive at Kilmer.

He gathered Gerard in his arms and ran. Ox and Toliver followed them. Cy left Fishmonger where he lay.

Kilmer had gotten a deflector shield up in time, but the explosion still sent Kilmer and his tablet flying.

When they came to a wall, Cy punched through it, then stepped back. Ox ripped the wall open. Toliver, still in handcuffs, and Gerard helped what little they could. Meanwhile Cy turned to their pursuers: Clawf’s guards and Kilmer’s elite squad who had gotten out of the way of the explosion. He threw rubble and bits of debris at them while trying to shield Ox, Gerard, and Toliver with his body. Ox finally opened it wide enough to get all of them through, then bent the wall back into place.

“Toliver, where’s your ship?” Cy asked.

“It’s out by the rendezvous, but Kilmer will have it locked down and my codes will be useless.”

“That might not be a problem,” Cy said.

“Clawf’ll have a flyer in his hangar,” Gerard said. “This way.”

“Wait,” Cy said. “What about Pyrite?”

“Masq’ll have him.”

“She’ll probably bring him here,” Toliver said.

“We need to publish these files,” Gerard said. She shook the memory stick in her hand.

“Why?” Ox asked.

“Because Kilmer can’t be left running loose,” Cy said.

“Plus, if they’re cleaning up, they’ll have a harder time coming after us,” Gerard said.

“They’ll definitely come after us if we publish them, though,” Toliver said.

A plasma blast shot over their heads.

“Gerard, take Ox and get your copy out on one of Clawf’s ships. Toliver and I will go for Pyrite and then get to the ship and see if we can publish from there,” Cy said.

“But we can’t take off without override codes,” Toliver said.

Cy smiled. “Leave that to me.”

The plasma fire increased.

“Go!” Cy said to Gerard while blocking the shots with his fiery red skin. Gerard and Ox ran down the corridor toward the hanger.

Cy motioned Toliver down the other hallway then jumped up with wiry legs of steel and shoved his hands into the ceiling as far as they could go, then yanked down with all his weight and strength. The ceiling and the floor above collapsed between him and Clawf’s guards.

“That won’t hold ‘em for long,” he shouted and took off with Toliver at a run.


Gerard and Ox ran down the hallway. Gerard turned corners and ran down corridors as fast as her legs could take her. Ox lumbered behind, breathing heavily and trying to keep up. When they got to the hangar Gerard entered without hesitation and ran straight into a detachment of guards. She ducked and rolled as they began firing. With their attention focused on Gerard they never saw Ox turn the corner at full speed, angry as a Joogla beast in a Flairgon pit.

To Be Continued…

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