Experiment #349

Six Zeros Part 13

“We’re at the drop zone,” Toliver yelled.

Cy gave him a thumbs-up. Toliver opened the cargo bay doors and Cy jumped.


Meanwhile Gerard, Ox, and Fishmonger made their way toward the technological nerve center of the compound: the server room. As they walked down a corridor they heard voices and ducked into a lavish but empty dining room. Gerard caught a glimpse of a dark-complected, barrel-chested man in a sumptuous bathrobe with a mechanical arm, being attended by four scantily clad women.

“Toliver, he’s here. Boss Clawf is here.”

“Impossible. I watched his personal ship take off for the Vingola system,” Toliver said.

“Well he’s here now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Unless he’s got a twin.”

“I just dropped Cy.”

“We can still abort,” Fishmonger said.

“And leave Cy?” Ox asked.

“We won’t get another shot at this. He’ll triple security and prevent an aerial assault,” Gerard said.

“Fine by me,” Fishmonger said. “Let’s go, Ox.”

“Wait,” Gerard said, “Clawf was headed for the steam room. He’ll be in there for a few hours. If we do this quietly we can still make it.”

“How do you know where he was headed?” Fishmonger asked.

“I know the floor plan,” Gerard said. “It’s called preparation.”

“Cy should be hitting any minute. We need to get into the west wing before he hits,” Gerard said. “Let’s go.”


Cy fanned out his arms and legs to slow his fall and help him maneuver. Slipstream suits were a military invention–combining something like a parachute and a jet pack, they allowed you to get to an area without being detected, but if you weren’t careful you’d end up flat as a steamrolled pancake.

Toliver assumed that Cy’s Moorvat engineering would overpower any ineptness in using the suit, and that Cy’s crash into the compound would be more than enough of a diversion. If Cy lived through it and started fighting off the guards, so much the better.

As Cy neared the compound he brought his arms and legs in, tucking himself into a neat little ball. He crashed into the observatory, just a few meters to the north of the exact spot he’d aimed for. They wouldn’t be able to look at the stars for a while, but he did create a large skylight that might have to do.

Before Cy could stand up, alarms whirred and security officers had swarmed around him, guns drawn.

To Be Continued…

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