Experiment #345

Six Zeros Part 9

Masq fired at the postal inspector, but with her arm hurt she missed unintentionally.

“Move,” Gerard shouted into the comm. She grabbed the liftbot and sent it careening for the inspector while everyone else ran.

“Dumb Ox and Masq, head for the cargo bay and make a lot of noise so he follows you. Cy and Fishmonger, on me. We’re gonna finish this.”

A few moments later Gerard heard shots being fired as she, Cy, and Fishmonger arrived … Read More

Experiment #344

Six Zeros Part 8

Toliver brought them out of hyperspace five hundred meters from the postal carrier. “The carrier’s system is fuzzled. I can’t get a clean lock to dock. You’ll have to walk it. Once inside, you’ve got air pressure in there, but it looks like no Oxygen. Pyrite, you’ll stay behind and man the canon in case we have trouble.”

“You expecting any?”

“Always,” Toliver said. “All right, Gerard, suit up. Your mission is a go.”

Gerard, Ox, Fishmonger, Cy, … Read More

Experiment #343

Six Zeros Part 7

“You sent for me, sir?”

Kilmer sat behind a wide desk in front of a wall of awards and commendations. “Yes. Make certain you watch the Moorvat closely. If he gets even a little out of line, kill him.”

“Yes, sir,” Toliver said.


Toliver turned to go, then stopped and turned back to Kilmer. “Sir, what if the subcutaneous explosives don’t work on him?”

“They will,” Kilmer said sharply. Toliver nodded and left.

Kilmer drummed his fingers on his desk. … Read More

Experiment #342

Six Zeros Part 6

Meanwhile, Gerard, Masq, Pyrite, and Ox, carrying Fishmonger, slipped through the airlock and made their way toward the bridge. The hallways seemed empty, almost inviting. As they reached the bridge door they heard a commotion from behind. A battered and burned Cy was running full-tilt toward them with a gang of twenty or so Ftharan mercenaries in pursuit.

Gerard sighed. “Light them up, Pyrite.”

“Including ‘the Hero’?”


Pyrite, free of the asbestos gloves, juggled flames around his fingers … Read More

Experiment #341

Six Zeros Part 5

In the hallway, they largely followed Gerard’s plan, each of them figuring they might as well until something better comes along.

Fishmonger was the first to see an opportunity. He ducked down a corridor and was out of sight, and within seconds they heard an explosion and a cry of pain. They ran to the spot only to find Fishmonger with one less leg than he’d had before.

Gerard turned down the corridor they had come. “Hey, … Read More

Experiment #340

Six Zeros Part 4

The lights blazed on as smoke, noise, and commotion filled the room. Kilmer shouted orders at his men. Each one went to a former inmate and touched a medical device to their neck, each arm, and each leg.

“No time for pleasantries. You’ve all been fitted with five subcutaneous explosive devices. Should any one lose contact with the other four in your body, you explode. Should any be taken out of your body, you explode. Should … Read More

Experiment #339

Six Zeros Part 3

“I ain’t following no twelve-year-old girl,” Wisk yelled.

“Least I ain’t stupid,” Gerard retorted.

“Ms. Melodious Kleeple, also known as Masquerade–“

“Just Masq,” she snarled.

“–is our disguise and infiltration expert,” Kilmer continued, unperturbed. “I’d hardly believe she was a woman if I hadn’t seen the scans myself.”

“Scans can be faked,” Masq said. She was currently a light skinned blond woman, who seemed like she could wrap any man around her finger.

“And Anthony Fishmonger, half-man, half-machine. He’s replaced half … Read More

Experiment #338

Six Zeros Part 2

Colonel Kilmer entered the room amidst yelling, name-calling, and general anarchy. Four men and two women in bright, neon-yellow prison jumpsuits were restrained around the room. All fought their restraints and shouted except one. The yelling and name-calling only got louder as Kilmer entered the room and became its focus.

Kilmer stopped in the center and tapped a few buttons on his tablet. All six former inmates felt a jolt of electricity. After the screams died … Read More

Experiment #337

Six Zeros Part 1

Inmates poured out of the giant hole into the forsaken landscape of the asteroid. They’d be dead inside seven days, but even death seemed better than continued service in the gulag. Colonel Kilmer and two of his men, each armed with a sniper rifle, stood a safe distance away.

“Prepare to fire,” Kilmer shouted.

He called off targets from the tablet in his hand. His men picked off those targets from the ID tags on the fronts … Read More

Experiment #336

Near Enough Part 6

A few days later, Cara sat in one of the comfy chairs her Mom had moved up to her room. She binge-watched all the media she’d missed while in the hospital, but barely registered what happened on the screens. She heard a soft rap at the window behind her. “Come in!” She said.

The soft rap came again.

“Come in!” she hollered.

Again the soft rapping.

“COME IN!” She shouted at the top of her lungs.

The soft rapping came … Read More

Experiment #335

Near Enough Part 5

Cara stared into space as she answered Chu, “Samara did it. I-I’m not sure…”

Chu looked at Peters. They left.

Cara shuddered. She wasn’t sure why she’d protected DT. He was the reason Samara was dead. But protecting him felt like loyalty to Samara and that felt right.

“You okay?” her mother asked.

Cara gave her mother the withering stare only family can inflict on someone. She turned away with the force of a slammed door.


They discharged Cara six … Read More

Experiment #334

Near Enough Part 4

The detectives arrived early the next morning. Though Cara didn’t want to talk, she didn’t have the energy to protest.

“Thank you,” Peters said to Cara and her Mom.

Chu was not so cordial. “Toxicology reports came back on your friend,” Chu said. He held up a little baggy with two white and blue striped, square pills. “Wanna tell me about these?”

Cara shook her head.

Chu cleared his throat. “I’ve found kids dead from these pills. Who sold … Read More

Experiment #333

Near Enough Part 3

“Cara.” Marissa’s expression softened as she took Cara’s hand. “That was her life. she ended it on the best terms she could, in the happiest way she could. If it hadn’t been this trip, it would’ve been another. She’s gone, but she doesn’t have to deal with this crap again. I’m happy for her.”

“You’re saying she committed some kind of suicide?”

“Near enough.”

“No! She wouldn’t. We’d made plans. We were gonna room together next year, we … Read More

Experiment #332

Near Enough Part 2

“Why would you—” Cara’s Mom started, but Cara answered them.

“Nothing illegal.”

“Both Cara and Samara are… were 18.” Cara’s mom said.

“That may prevent possession charges, Ma’am,” Peters said. “But assisting in a death, even as a guide or an angel, is still against the law.”

“Will we find Ketamine?” Chu asked.

“Ketamine’s not illegal,” Cara snapped at him.

“Not by itself.”

Cara shrunk in the chair even while her face stayed resolute and defiant.

“What else was in the Ketamine?” Chu … Read More

Experiment #331

Near Enough Part 1

Samara’s body shook with the force of the electric pulse. The EMT pulled the defibrillator paddles away. The EMT’s partner felt for a pulse on Samara’s wrist.

“Nothing,” he said.

“Clear!” The EMT shouted and shocked Samara again. Her body contorted and convulsed. The second EMT tried for a pulse on Samara’s neck.

“Still nothing.”

The EMT turned up the voltage, shouted once more, and shocked Samara’s body, but Samara’s lips were turning blue.

Cara looked on from the sidewalk, … Read More