Experiment #250

The Gentleman of Steam Part 3

When I drove the cart up next to the barn, Mama came out of her shop.

“Whacha doin’, Lizzie?” she asked. A piece of lace stuck out from under her shirt in a way I wasn’t used to seeing. She had a grin I’d only seen on the Cooper girls’ faces when they were talkin’ ‘bout a boy.

“Where’s Rolland?” Mama asked.

Then her eyes drifted over to the wagon. She let out a scream that startled the … Read More

Experiment #249

The Gentleman of Steam Part 2

At our house, Rolland would lift us out and escort us inside. Never came in the house though. Once we were indoors he’d take up his post out on the front porch. He’d sit there rattling like a teakettle on boil till Mama got home or finished up in her workshop in the barn. After that he’d set hisself up in the barn while the rest of us ate whatever Jessie cooked up. She was … Read More

Experiment #248

The Gentleman of Steam Part 1

After Papa died, Mama built a bronze steambot to take us to school. She said it wasn’t safe for four girls to walk there by themselves. So the steambot would set us all in the back of the wagon and trot off with it like a horse.

Our one room schoolhouse was filled to the brim with name callers, brats, braggarts, and hooligans. So’s you can guess what happened the first day he took us to … Read More

Experiment #240

Tempus Subcinctus Part 3

“You?” Samuel asked.

“Ever since that day in the clock shop, I’ve been haunted by you. Haunted by your foolish desire to fix what can never be fixed.”

“That was hours ago-”

He laughed. “For me it was nearly half a century. Fifty years of regret that I didn’t pull the trigger in time.”

“The gunman?”

“I could have ended this pain right then. I could have prevented this whole time shifting phenomenon. Paradox plain and simple. But the universe … Read More

Experiment #239

Tempus Subcinctus Part 2

After a long time, Samuel’s world turned brown and then slowly regained individual colors.

“Okay. There you go,” a female voice said as she eased him into a chair.

Samuel turned his head and puked. Unfortunately the owner of the voice had been standing there. Samuel looked up from his retching, spittle and bile still clutching to his mouth. She was the most beautiful woman Samuel had ever seen, and Samuel had just vomited on her shoes.

She … Read More

Experiment #238

Tempus Subcinctus Part 1

Samuel had only opened his timekeeping shop three weeks ago, but he was nearly certain customers came in the front door. Yet, there the old man stood behind him at the counter.

The old man seemed familiar to Samuel, like an estranged uncle who resembles your mother. The man wore an old brown coat that fell to his knees.

“May I, umm, help you?” Samuel, ever the good shopkeeper, asked.

“Excellent, excellent.” The man said, ignoring him. “It’s … Read More

Experiment #236.064

8 x 8 words

Dinner didn’t agree with him… about being eaten

The Kraken fried the chefs like calamari. Comeuppance.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Your Mom.”

The goat surrendered herself, ending the Cheese War

Hacker tried to steal own identity, but failed.


“Well, the same to you, Captain Obvious”

“Whaddja name your puppy?” Simon asked.

“Ummm… Simon…”

Little by little the cancer ate her away.

“That’s ok, Alien Overlord. No one liked Florida.”

“I got this,” Dad said before the disaster.

“You sure this is safe?”


“I was.”

Gadzooks bent and … Read More

Experiment #232

Interruption Part 6

Samuel placed himself between Horatio and the erratic lightning of the time gate. “Stop, please,” he said. “All we want is to preserve the timeline. We just want you to live in peace.”

“Who’s to say your version of the timeline is the one to be preserved?”

“Because people are allowed to make their own choices. They aren’t forced into serving a tyrant or given as sheep to be slaughtered.”

“People are sheep, and I will be their … Read More

Experiment #231

Interruption Part 5

“Mostly that you’d leave me in peace, leave me to my own devices. But as I know that won’t happen, I’ll have to settle for torturing you.”

“Go ahead and try,” Melinda said.

“You remember your fiancé?” He smiled in the way a lion plays with a mouse. “He never showed up when you thought he would. ‘Till death do us part’ be hanged, he didn’t show. Except that death thing was kinda accurate.”

“Gosh, will you get … Read More

Experiment #230

Interruption Part 4

Two years after Horatio stranded him in time, Samuel walked out of the wilderness. His neck was strung with kravask teeth (a sort of meaner mutant bear). A scar from his left ear down to his chinn marked his first encounter with a kravask. He strode with a pronounced limp that he’d earned during a fire fight with a military outpost that wasn’t supposed to exist. His clothes were in tatters from being repaired again and … Read More

Experiment #229

Interruption Part 3

Samuel awoke to find himself still in the field he’d arrived in.

Pain throbbed in his brain and made thinking hard.

As minutes passed the pain subsided. Samuel began to take in his surroundings. His hands and feet were shackled. Each set of shackles had a long chain that connected to one of the long poles Horatio had sunken into the ground. The rest of the equipment used to alter the magnetic fields and pull him out … Read More

Experiment #228

Interruption Part 2

Melinda arrived at their base of operations in the forty-seventh century. It was an old, abandoned military installation built on Mount Kilimanjaro after the seas rose. Melinda tapped her foot and waited.

Minutes ticked by without Samuel’s arrival.

Melinda leaned over to the wall and punched the intercom button. “Alfred, you seen Samuel?”

“Nope,” answered Dr. Alfred Bromsley, an alchemist and accidental immortal.

“Is he playing one of his stupid get-there-fifteen-minutes-after-me jokes?”

“Let me check the tracker…”

Melinda turned away from … Read More

Experiment #227

Interruption Part 1

Samuel dropped to one knee on top of the Eiffel Tower. He held up a ring with a large, rare, blue diamond in it. A dirigible floated iconically in front of the setting sun. A gentle breeze blew in Melinda’s face. Her hair flared like the supermodels from a century later. Samuel had calculated everything to be as romantic as time travel would allow.

“Melinda, you are the love of my life,” Samuel said. “In all … Read More

Experiment #225

8 words #7

“Mars, stay away from Earth. She’s people infested.”

Bright lights, big city. Dim lights, not pretty.

The Gormax smiled and finished chewing the coatrack.

There were too many kooks in the kitchen

The cleaners thanked him for their job security

Her fashion sense put the “war” in “wardrobe”

“Alabaster! Patagonian! Chrysanthemum!”

“Mom! No swearing in gibberish.”

“Weirdo.” My baby daughter’s first word… for me.

Starship crashes into comet. Pilot found texting girlfriend.

Sentient donuts claim human ambassador murdered royal court.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Mr. … Read More

Experiment #224

Aeron Part 2

The female Moorvat carried a large club and brought it to bear on the table, smashing it in half. The end of the table near Vass flew up, knocking the knife away from the Moorvat’s neck. Vass fell backward. The Moorvats converged on her smiling horribly. The female Moorvat raised her club. “See you in Aeron,” the male said as he cocked his head to the side in a Moorvat gesture of farewell before the killing … Read More